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Our experienced team is dedicated to world-class research armed with our core values. We attribute our success to our people, their commitment and work culture. Most of our staff possess post-graduate education in one or more of the following disciplines – business, engineering, mathematics, statistics, economics, journalism, or computer applications. These highly motivated professionals work to meet client deadlines across international time zones, seamlessly delivering projects to corporate and private-owned establishments.

Idise Emeni

Idise Emeni

Managing Director

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Idise Emeni

Idise is a graduate and an experienced Economist from University of Benin, Edo State (B.Sc). Idise has ample Engineering/Technician background with years of proven experience in the Nigerian Petroleum sector. He is also an experienced administrator and Researcher with extensive knowledge of applied social research and studies, market research, oil and gas, and automobile services, efficient communication strategist, organizational design and management, planning, and evaluation.

He has successfully piloted and managed the day-to-day activities of his companies with his efficient and experienced visionary directorate management and technical prowess which has earned him seats as a board member of several companies.

Idise is highly principled and disciplined man. He is happily married with Children.

Ukadike Idaboh

Managing Partner
/Corporate Strategy Dev.

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Ukadike Idaboh

Mr. Ukadike Idaboh holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Degree in Accountancy from the University of Benin, Benin City and also holds a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Management from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Master of Science (M.Sc) Degree in Energy and Petroleum Economics from the Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria.

He is a Certified Management Specialist from London Graduate School, England and currently running an MBA at the University of South Wales.

He has comprehensive skills and over 15 years of work experience in various sectors such as Capital Market (Stock Exchange), Construction, Medical, Energy, Oil and Gas, Energy Development, and Financial Management Sectors.

He also has reasonable experience in Project Management and Financial Control. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants FIMC and on the Board of Directors of several companies.

Obute Sandra


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Obute Bose Sandra

Ms. Obute Bose Sandra, diligent and perceptive individual, excels in various fields including administration, human resources, hotel solutions, mechanized/industrial agriculture consultancy, and the oil and gas (lubricant) industry.

With 13 fruitful years of experience, she has passionately dedicated herself to comprehensive planning and successfully led teams, driving progress and achievement.

Esinone Efe

Lubes Head

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Esinone Efe Dreamcast

Esinone Efe Dreamcast is a highly accomplished Corporate Executive and dynamic leader. With a Diploma in Electrical Electronics Engineering and certifications as a Google Certified Online Business Consultant and Database Administrator, Efe has a strong foundation in both technical expertise and business acumen.

As an alumni of Quantum Business School and FATE FOUNDATION, Efe values continuous learning and professional development. Additionally, being a member of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and a dedicated volunteer for FAECARE Foundation reflects Efe’s commitment to community engagement and social impact.

Efe’s passion lies in leveraging technological advancements to drive human development and foster economic growth. With a keen interest in cutting-edge technologies, Efe is dedicated to achieving progress and creating opportunities for decent work.

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